Quimper Faïence

Locmaria, the earthenware quarters...

La faïencerie Henriot-Quimper

Quimper and the earthenware heve benne closely blended for more than three centuries.

Here in 1690, Jean-Baptiste Bousquet, from Marseille (Provence), built the first Breton earthenware factory.

The factories manufactured utilitarian crockery, paintings on earthenware, decorative piece...

Even today, Quimper perpetuates this tradition thanks to :

Faïencerie Henriot-Quimper

Faïencerie Henriot-Quimper carries on the art of hand-painted earthenware, Quimper famous "stroke of the brush" tradition. Since 1690, each piece is entirely painted without transfers or traces.

Throughout the year, from Monday to Friday, guided tours of the workshops (45 minutes tours)

Practical Information : 

Faïencerie Henriot-Quimper
Locmaria - 29337 Quimper Cedex
Tél : 02 98 90 09 36
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