Quimper, a town rich in flowers

Quimper, the great national price of flower decorated town. Each year in a theme in our everchanging gardens is adopted.

jardin retraite Le Jardin de la Retraite
Entrance by rue Elie Fréron or rue des Douves. The region benefits from a mild climate with is an opportunity to acclimate species which apart from being oceanic are also exotic. This garden is a must for the lovers of palm trees. It is very unusual to see so much vegetal diversity in such a small public garden : Mediterranean, austral species and palm trees grow in abundance.
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jardin thtre Le Jardin du Théâtre Max Jacob
Main entrance on the side of Théâtre Max Jacob, boulevard Dupleix.
jardin locmaria Le jardin du Prieuré de Locmaria (label jardin remarquable)
Next to the churh of Locmaria.
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mont frugy Le Mont Frugy
One of the highest feature in town. Under the French revolution, because of the escarpment on the left bank of the river, it was renamed "Montagne sur Odet" (mountain by the Odet)
Crossed by many footpaths, it is the best place to overlook the historical town , the confluent, and afar , the hills of Cuzon or Kermabeuzen.
creach Walks and health circuits
- Vallon Saint-Laurent : walks at the back of the sports hall in Ergue-Armel, next to the main general hospital.

- Bois de Kéradennec : route de Bénodet – health circuit. 
- Espace loisirs de Créac'h Gwen : Direction Bénodet. Health–circuit , skateboard –track , pond, tennis ground , miniature port.